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Brass Hardware - Application

We can provide the products as per the customer’s requirements, as per the custom dimensions and requirements or special process and changes in dimension as per the requirements.

Here are some products which we have developed for the customer's requirements.

The Brass hinges is developed for the Temple main door, coated with silver.
The set of Brass Hinges and Towerbolt is developed for the Temple doors for long life and maintainnance free application.
Brass Butterfly Hinges
Brass Butterfly Hinges
"Whitco Hinges for Awning or Transom Windows"

These solid brass, concealed window hinges may be used as a hinge for casement, awning or transom sash windows. If used for a casement window the recommended sash width for SKU 815000 is approximately 16" to 20" and for SKU 815002 it is approximately 12" to 16". For 1-3/8" to 1-3/4" sash thickness. If used for an awning or transom window the approximate recommended sash height for SKU 815002 is 10" and the approximate recommended sash height for SKU 815000 is 12". Extra heavy duty construction. Makes sash self-adjusting and non-rattling. Easily fitted to either a new or old sash. Eliminates the use of hinges and adjusters. Screws are included.

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